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Board update

Posted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 7:13 am
by wololo
Hi all,
I've updated the forum software to a new version. That was a bit painful and I had to remove a lot of customizations. If you run into issues please ping me on twitter (@frwololo) or send me a PM here.*

As to people asking me about the status of the game: I haven't touched the code of Wagic in more than 5 years. I know that some dedicated people have been updating cards, etc... but in general I have no idea of the status of the project. I'm happy to maintain this forum for as long as needed, but please don't ask me about the status of the game, as I won't be able to answer :cry:

* A side effect of the update is that the ads are gone, and I've made the decision to not put them back, at least for now.