Wagic game,help me !

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Wagic game,help me !

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I’ve been playing this with a computer recently (someone must have asked me why I play such an old game, because this is the smallest interface in the Magic game, which is secretively cool and no one pays attention). I have downloaded 0.171, 0.186, 0.190 and 0.211. Several versions, the last one cannot be set to Chinese, and the first few versions do not know why after playing two, when the unlocking degree reaches 3% and then enter the "classical mode", it will be stuck, and then "not responding", intelligent exit, Is there any solution?
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Re: Wagic game,help me !

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Did you try to use the 0.23.1 version? I never tried Chinese because I cannot read anything in that language, but I guess I should work... generally the translation system is working fine, you can also take a look to the Chinese Lang file in Res/Lang folder.

Hope it can solve, see you soon.
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