Question about existing key binding bug

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Question about existing key binding bug

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I have a question to the wagic developers, especially Zethfox.

I can't wait till the issue 388 is resolved! This issue is really annoying since I play in wagic with 'O' button bound to 'X' and vice versa (do not recall whether I asked this question before but _why?_ Why did you decide to use 'O' as confirm button instead of the usual 'X' ?)

The question is --- is this issue planning to be fixed? How soon? How should I ask the developers so that they'd draw their attention? :)
Also isn't there a bug that we have something like '[]', 'X'://.ooo/
, etc in some places instead of the real button icons?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Question about existing key binding bug

Post by Vitty85 »

Are you a real user or a BOT?

You can change your key mappings as you wish, so this is not a bug...
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