Some sets images suddenly don't work on PSP

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Some sets images suddenly don't work on PSP

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I play wagic on psp and i have all the images of all my sets... This is not the first time this happens, i correct the issue by reinstalling the eboot. Sometimes a set or two seems to be corrupted (i guess so), one day the images are displaying fine and suddenly, without any apparent reason the images of only that set stop viewing. All others work fine but all the images of one set become missing... No, they were fine, they used to work fine, no, i didn't touched anything, no, this is not related to only one specific set, it happens random, sometimes in one set, sometimes in another.

When i connect the psp to the pc to examine the files, the images seems ok in the pc, i've tried to repack them in a new zip but no luck...

This is not common, the game runs fine for weeks or months without this issue. vshare
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Re: Some sets images suddenly don't work on PSP

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Which version of Wagic are you playing on PSP? Did you download the latest? Did you follow the instruction on the relative post? ... =20#p99279

See you.
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