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Wagic, The Homebrew

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Wagic, The Homebrew
Often compared to commercial games for its replay value and quality, Wagic is a heroic fantasy card game, in which you fight as a wizard against the computer. As you win battles, you unlock new game modes and earn credits that allow you to improve your army. Wagic is community driven, entirely customizable (you can create themes, mods, even new rules), available in several languages (English, French, German, spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Serbian), and open source. It currently runs on the Sony PSP, Windows, Linux, and N900 (maemo).

Version : 0.15.1

Release Date: 2011/04/11

Notes for this version:

  • More than 1000 new cards. Wagic now supports more than 7700 unique cards, 13700 cards total, including the new set MBS (thanks go especially to Zethfox, Dr.Solomat, and 840126)

  • (Windows) Mouse version improved, some bugs fixed, overall controls have been improved (Xaw Otihs)

  • Threading support for image loading. Overall this should make image loading a bit smoother (Mootpoint)

  • Support for actual button icons instead of text (Mervin, Mootpoint)

  • New Wallpapers by Kaioshin

  • Translation updates (thanks to all translators!)

  • Added new keywords/abilities for card creators. Hopefully we will find the time to edit the wiki and add documentation for these new keywords, for now you’ll have to look into the new cards to see what’s new :)

  • Various performance improvements

  • Many, many, many bug fixes



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WTH 0.15.1 - Sony PSP Download from (direct link)