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A nice eBook reader.

Version : 0.7.1

Release Date: 2006/11/24

Notes for this version: * Added support for PDF files with Chinese, Japanese and Korean text
* Added a memory usage counter
* Added single line scroll for the analog pad in the text viewer
* Bookr will now try to block images from loading in PDF files when it is runing low on memory
* Fixed many memory leaks in the image loader for PDF files. Bookr can load and display PDF files with more images than before.
* Fixed memory leaks releasing the PDF viewer singleton Restored full page scroll with cursor buttons
* Fixed font corruption for large font sizes in the text viewer
* Fixed page positions in the text viewer after changing the font size and/or font rotation. Bookmarks for text files are not compatible with older releases.


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Bookr - 0.7.1 Download from (indirect link)