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Fave all-time PSP games?

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Fave all-time PSP games?

Post by vishalpujari » Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:22 pm

I'd always wondered what the PSP community was like when I was little... And now I'm curious about your favorite games for the device. My personal favorites in order are as follow:

•Patapon 1& 2 (I don't think Patapon will ever get old for me and is easily one of my favorite console game period. It also beats a good number of my pc games and I suggest it to anyone who hasn't played or heard of it...)

•Ratchet and Clank series / Jak and Daxter series (I have trouble deciding which series I like better but i've always loved both since I was little...)

•Patapon 3 (I still love this game like its previous titles, however I find it to be a little too different from the original games and feel like It has a completely different tone. Unlike the other two before it I just doesn't have the same feeling of nostalgia which would place thos game with its counterparts...)

•Platypus (One of my first PSP games that is very nostalgic to me. It's gameplay is simple but it's art always intersted me)

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Re: Fave all-time PSP games?

Post by Taronish3 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:50 am

All time favourite gTa series I love it on psp vita & don’t forget metal gear series
i love my psvita wololo site rocks . PSVITA h-encore enso 3.65 PlayStation® waiting for ps3 emu on PS vita

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