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Re: HomebrewStore

Post by Casavult »

afrothunder wrote:
Casavult wrote:I like how you continue to support this great project! Do you know roughly how many people continue to use your great application?
There has been 750 individual devices accessing the store, in the past 24 hours, 1,722 times (93% of these devices were PSPs). Overall, 61,858 individual devices have accessed the HomebrewStore 421,566 times. ;)

This data counts actual accesses by HomebrewStore clients, on their first load of the Storefront. It's not inflated by random visits of the website or other such things.
That's awesome how you can track that! If I can be honest, I thought the numbers would have been less than that but man, that is such an achievement! :D
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Re: HomebrewStore

Post by afrothunder »

The HomebrewStore Downloader tool for downloading HomebrewStore content from the PC Client has been updated to version

Changes from the previous release of the HomebrewStore Downloader include:
  • Installation of Version Data with content, allowing the HomebrewStore to later check if that content is out of date
  • Checking of HomebrewSupport status and installation of HomebrewSupport if it is not found or an out of date version is found on the target device
  • Addition of extra error handling when installing content or reading HomebrewStore Locator files
  • Updating of application graphics to match the current HomebrewStore logo
If you attempt to install content from the PC Client with the old HomebrewStore Downloader, you will be prompted to upgrade. The HomebrewStore Downloader Installer will detect if an older version of the HomebrewStore Downloader is installed and will uninstall it automatically in order to upgrade to the newest version.

This update should bring the HomebrewStore Downloader to feature parity with the content downloader in the PSP Client.
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Re: HomebrewStore

Post by noname120 »

Great !
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