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advice needed: PCH-1101 (3g) ofw: 3.01 | do i hack or update?

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advice needed: PCH-1101 (3g) ofw: 3.01 | do i hack or update?

Post by MohakMore » Thu Jun 25, 2020 1:34 pm

just bought my second vita. crystal black 3G/OLED PCH-1101 which came with OFW 3.01
first one is Ensō hacked PCH-1001 white OLED; also bought a replacement battery for it since the charge doesn’t hold very long anymore. also bought but has not arrived yet one of those SD2vita game card slot adapters.
i preface that first because i have a problem. i can’t d/l the games i purchased from PSN with my Ensō 3.60 even with spoofing. (and i can’t figure out how to use PKGi & PSDLE) so that’s why i bought the 1101. it was advertised as a 1001 but it wasn’t. so now i wonder, should i buy a PSVSD and use the 1101 for Ensō-type stuff? (and sell the SD2vita adapter) Then update my old 1001 to OFW 3.65 (or whatever the newest will be) so i can use PSN again?
or do the opposite and just use the already purchased SD2vita with the 1101 and forget about the PSVSD?

also, the 1101 was bought 2nd hand, so the previous owner’s PSN name is already activated for the 1101 Vita. should i restore the Vita, deactivating it first? probably only if i am going to use the 1101 for PSN, right?

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