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DosBox PSP refuses to find the Win98 IMG.

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DosBox PSP refuses to find the Win98 IMG.

Post by Nigan »

Hello everyone,,
1. I am referring to the signed version of DosBox PSP, found in toBsucht's thread.
2. I am using a Windows 98 SE .IMG I wrote myself using IMGBurn (and also a .CUE file, unintentionally; I saved that as well).
3. I put Win98.IMG and Win98.CUE under [PSP memory]:\GAME\DosBox, and then tried renaming the DosBox folder to "DosBoxPSP", but that didn't help

What now?
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Re: DosBox PSP refuses to find the Win98 IMG.

Post by emsaky »

In the DOSBOX conf must use / as the directory (folder) seperator instead of \ (e.g. /GAME/DOSBOX/WIN98.IMG). A few notes: Win98 will boot, but it takes forever. Once it boots, it runs too slowly to be useful. Win95 runs a decent speed. And Windows 3.1 runs fast. As long as you boot from MS-DOS, DR-DOS, or FreeDOS, you can run most old DOS apps with little problem. I have even gotten GeoWorks to run. WordPerfect 5.1, WP 6.0 for DOS, Quattro Pro, etc..all ran fine.

I also recommend trying Basilisk2 for running old MacOS stuff. Basilisk2 will support up to MacOS 8.1, but I recommend Mac 7.6. The platform is extremely stable. I was able to get everything running, including Old versions of Adobe Photoshop, Aldus Pagemaker, etc. I even got an old version of MS Flight simulator to run. In fact, there was very little from the Mac platform that did not run. But, I recommend you load an on screen keyboard...because the PSPs OSK is missing some functionality with the COMMAND key. By adding a MAC OSK, you get full functionality. And you only need to invoke the MAC OSK when absolutely needed by placing your mouse in the extreme upper left corner of the screen and double clicking the mouse to invoke it.
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