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Bypassing "You Must The Update System Software" PS Vita

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Re: Bypassing "You Must The Update System Software" PS Vita

Post by nanihothearts »

I have a vita with memory card not linked to PSN account.
How do I let it read the contents without PSN login.

I restored my Vita for some orange light blinking twice and turning off problem, now all I have is a fresh vita with database rebuilt, and a memory card which is not accessible as it asks me to sign in before connecting to Content manager.

Please, I am few steps away from enjoying HENKAKU. KINDLY HELP.
hanzyusuf wrote:Bypass "You Must Update The System Software" And Connecting Vita To PC If A New Firmware Has Been Released
Transfering Files From PC To Vita If A New Firmware Has Been Released And Your PS Vita Needs To Be Updated To A New Firmware To Connect Your Vita To PC Through Content Manager.

QCMA Download viewtopic.php?t=34677
PS Vita With USB Cable

Ignore Step 1 And 2 If Your Vita Has Never Asked You To Update System Software


Step 1
Hold Power Button On Vita System For 20 Seconds, Till A Menu Appears, Select Rebuild Database

Step 2
After Vita Restarts, Disconnect Internet From Both PC And Vita

Step 3
Connect Vita To PC With The Cable

Step 4
Launch QCMA On PC

Step 5
Launch Content Manager On Vita And Select Connect With USB Cable Option

Step 6
You Can Now Transfer Files From PC To Vita And Vita To PC Again
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Re: Bypassing "You Must The Update System Software" PS Vita

Post by vitmanoy »

For me, puting device in airplane mode and simply restarting it enabled me to transfer with CMA not forceing to update. Hope it helps you too .. [removed by mod]
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