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Want to know a way to debug or analyze vita module.

Open discussions on programming specifically for the PS Vita.
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Want to know a way to debug or analyze vita module.

Post by asuka » Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:45 am

From the comments in vita-header, like:

Code: Select all

typedef struct
	SceUInt size;	//< 0x1B8 for Vita 1.x
	SceUInt handle;	//< kernel module handle?
	SceUInt flags;	//< some bits. could be priority or whatnot
	char module_name[28];
	SceUInt unk28;
	void *module_start;
	SceUInt unk30;
	void *module_stop;
	void *exidxTop;
	void *exidxBtm;
	SceUInt unk40;
	SceUInt unk44;
	void *tlsInit;
	SceSize tlsInitSize;
	SceSize tlsAreaSize;
	char path[256];
	SceKernelSegmentInfo segments[4];
	SceUInt type;	//< 6 = user-mode PRX?
} SceKernelModuleInfo;
there're some reverse engineering work in it obviously. So I think there must be some ways to debug vita dynamicly or analyze system modules staticly in
assembly. For now, what I only know is to dump sys modules using sceKernalLoadModule and so on, then analyze it. But how peple who develop the vitasdk know the argument count and their meaning of every api? How do they build thd NID json database? I'm new in this situation, want some deep learning of hardware hack. Anyone can help? Just a link to an article or some hints is enough! :)

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