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Play PSP games online using ADHOC Party

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Play PSP games online using ADHOC Party

Post by dragonfire » Sun Jun 22, 2014 11:09 pm

Hi, here is a way to play online games for Psp using ADHOC Party through using a PS3 system.

The ADHOC Party is a free Application for PS3 that is downloadable from the PlayStation Store, and transforms the PS3 into Online mode for PSP games.

Note: The majority of PSP games are compatible, but I think a small part are not, but I did not find any updated list.

You should have :

-A PS3 connected to your Ethernet router, or if you can not, use a laptop.
-A Playstation Network account to download the application.
-Your PSP should be saved in the devices for Remote Play on your PS3.

How to proceed :

1)Get AdHoc Party through PS Store : firstly, head to the PS Store to download the application, it is in "Other items", once done, it will be available in the "games" tab of the Ps3.

2)Create a Network Bridge

If you are near your router, you'll just have to plug an Ethernet cable on it, the other end being on the PS3.

If you are too far away, or in another room you can configure a "Network Bridge" to share WiFi from your PC to the PS3 because the PS3 needs TWO internet connections, one Wifi and the other via Ethernet to run the application.
To do this, go to "Network and Sharing Center" on your computer and then Edit Card Settings, and connect an Ethernet cable to your PC, once done, select the wired and wireless network connections and right click to create a network bridge

A network bridge is ready.

3)Now your PS3 is ready, do not forget to pass the Internet connection on the PS3 to "cable" mode.

4)Save your PSP device in your ps3's Remote Play :

Connect your PSP using USB mode and go into the settings of the PS3, and select Remote Play and then Add a new device, and then register your PSP system.
Your PSP system will be recognized by the PS3.

How it Works?

At the launch of the application, you will have the screen of the application with the following four options :

-Start: Start, choose a world, and a room.

-Go To : It is to invite or search created parties by friends.

-Search for a Game: When you're in the AdHoc mode of a PSP game, the application will let you try to find players playing the same game as you.

-Information : A Web page opens with some info on it.

Jump straight into START, and you have a choice of worlds from A to J and Rooms ranging from 1 to 35.

Different colors indicate the number of persons in the same room :
Blue = Few persons

Orange = Moderate number pf persons

Red = Lot of persons

You can browse freely a room, or create a new room, lets suppose you go to the Room A1, you come across a screen where houses represent Rooms Games, Characters and you.

You can send messages, lock your Room, add these people in your friends list and a lot of other options.

Once in a room, the PSP Systems will be related together, and you can now begin to play.

you can talk in the room, voice chat is possible (which is great) and other communicating options.

Finally, ENJOY!

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Re: Play PSP games online using ADHOC Party

Post by dmaskell92 » Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:13 am

I wouldn't expect a logical method, like PC routing.
Does it quit? If not, then it's legit... Too legit.

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Re: Play PSP games online using ADHOC Party

Post by Mateus » Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:50 am

just for info,this guy copied a tutorial from another website,without giving crédits.Such a shame.

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