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Good programming language for beginner.

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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by hgoel0974 »

m0skit0 wrote:
onnz423 wrote:We just had course of C# (C sharp) At school it was pretty easy for beginner.
Bad thing about C# is that it's Microsoft's and thus limited to Windows.
lol, ... the-irony/
C# limited to windows? Not so much ;)
m0skit0 wrote:
RiotDX wrote:For a beginner, I would not recommend C or Java. I think the best thing to start out with would be Visual Basic.
I totally disagree. I started with BASIC and VB and it teaches you bad programming practices. I regret having lost so much time to learn real programming due to this.
Archaga wrote:I truly do recommend it, my group of friends and I have been using it to learn Java to learn basic programming since the game engine we're trying to learn to use is heavily reliant on JavaScript.
Java has nothing to do with JavaScript...
Totally agreed! Wasted a heck lot of time working with languages like BASIC, I haven't tried VB yet but the only thing BASIC is good for is getting you to start thinking logically but that's about it. In my opinion, start with either C or C# then go to C++ if you want/need it (you most likely will), they are quite easy to get a hang of and especially when I was learning to program, C# gave me quick results because of how much work the .NET/Mono framework does for you (which is both a good and a bad thing),if you're dreaming of huge projects (my dream was a speech to text program, got me learning C# - used SAPI - got quick results) you'll probably want to go with something like C# or Java, they will probably give you quick results while still being a very powerful language.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by Acid_Snake »

I would never recommend Java for beginners, it forces you to use OOP and that's not something a beginner would easily understand, I recommend python as it shows you the basic of variables, code flow, functions, even the basics of OOP, then go down to C++ to improve your OOP skills and get used to the C syntax, then down to C, which will be easy enough and then down to assembly. Most people would recommend you start from the bottom (C, assembly) but that's really dangerous as you barely learn important stuff like writing good readable code, code refactoring, etc mostly due to C's way of letting you write dirty code without any problems. I've seen many devs in this scene that can make really nice stuff in C but when you read the code blood comes out of your eyes, this is when you realize that part of being a good dev is not just being able to do awesome things, but also being able to make good readable code, like my signature says, any fool can write code that a machine understands, good programmers write code that a human understands.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by codestation »

I don't know, i have seen Python programmers strugging with C because they are so used to just use data structures (strings, lists, etc) and don't get why is so complicated to just concat two strings. IMO C should be first so the programmer knows how expensive some operations can be in languages that offer OOP (and why some of these expensive operations doesn't matter if your program spends most of its time in the event loop :lol: ).
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by ethanscott »

I know and agree that a lot of people are against java as a beginner's coding language but I think Java is much easier to learn in comparison to C or C++.
My first coding language was Java and the Java Tutorial no matter how difficult gave me an insight on the world of coding languages. I struggled a lot in the beginning to even understand the basics, but in comparison to C, Java has built in libraries which just need to be declared in the beginning as opposed to C. The suggestion part is also helpful for a learner in order to get a hang of the language and make sure he or she buries the basics into their minds!
Now a days Java is used widely and I think learning it can prove to be beneficial while applying for jobs too.
I would recommend Java to any beginner.
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