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Full DVD Playback on WiiU (homebrew channel/external drive/WiiMC

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:10 pm
by jlo138
Link to my video. I recently found that you can use an External Blue-Ray or DVD Drive on the WiiU in vWii Mode under WiiMC in the Homebrew Channel. It’s really interesting and I searched and couldn’t find any other video showing what I found. Of course this isn’t practical, but you can also watch the DVD’s off the Game Pad. Blue-Ray movies or any HD video isn’t compatible in vWii. Not sure about the WiiU side and if WiiMC exists there then I wonder if it could be possible to at least play Blue-Ray Movies this way? Works with genuine DVD or Burned Copies.

The LG Drive in my video works the same using an original Wii BUT, it’s also compatible with uLoader and playing Wii Backups.