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Help with o3ds V 10.3.0-19u

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Help with o3ds V 10.3.0-19u

Post by xDarkStar21289x »

Is it possible to install homebrew launcher without the need of the web browser on my o3ds, like the title says im running 10.3.0-19u.

Since i dont have cubicninja or another ways to install it through game expliots, is it just possible to install it without the need of these exploits.

Ive been up all night looking around and i havent found anything that can help me.
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Re: Help with o3ds V 10.3.0-19u

Post by ChristinaR »

If you don't have the retail game cartridge of Cubic NInja, then you may use a SKY3DS or the new sky3ds+ (either you borrow one or buy one) to play the Cubic NInja 3ds roms to install the homebrew launcher.
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Re: Help with o3ds V 10.3.0-19u

Post by fate6 »

Or the million other ways of getting in the the homebrew channel....
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