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WARNING! Fake DS VC Injects which may brick your console!!!

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WARNING! Fake DS VC Injects which may brick your console!!!

Post by TheZixGamer »

Hi guys, this is just an important heads up for all owners of hacked 3DS consoles.

There are a few people circling 3DS hacking websites uploading what they are describing as "Nintendo DS Virtual Console" injects which are being reported to brick 3DS consoles when unsuspecting users attempt to install them.

Now, I myself am an uploader at a popular 3DS scene website (which I wont name here as not to break the rules) and today a certain user uploaded one of these fake cia's to our forums! Thankfully this particular file contained no malicious code however I wanted to make this thread as so to make all 3DS users aware.

At this point in time DS Injections ARE NOT YET POSSIBLE. So unless or any other reputable source confirms otherwise DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ANY OF THESE FILES OR YOU RUN THE RISK OF BRICKING YOUR CONSOLE!

Cheers guys.
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