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How to update r4i gold 3ds for FW 9.2.20U?

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How to update r4i gold 3ds for FW 9.2.20U?

Post by Bert960 »

I'm not sure if I made this topic before but I need help with this. I own a r4i gold 3ds that I bought from DSFlashcart about a year ago. It works fine on my NDSL but I get an error on my 3ds. The card gives me a website ( to download that latest Wood Kernel and the 6.2 patch. Here is what I did:

1) Downloaded the latest Wood Kernel, which is 1.64, extracted it and I put the files in the root of my Micro SD
2) Downloaded the 6.2 patch, extracted and put the NDSL file in the root of Micro SD
3) Loaded the file on the NDSL, removed the card, reinserted it and clicked update
4) Update was successful, powered off my NDSL, inserted the card on my 3DS FW 9.2 and I still get the error.

I don't know if it has something to do with my SD card. I use a 4GB Kingston Micro SDHC. Do I need to format the Micro SD to a different format or is there something wrong in how I am updating my flashcart?
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Re: How to update r4i gold 3ds for FW 9.2.20U?

Post by ChristinaR »

I also got a R4i gold 3ds. But I don't think I ever need update for either my 3ds(10.7.0) or nds lite. Since the time i got it, i just threw the firmware and ds roms into it and played. Mine is from the below reseller, not sure if it's the same as yours. ... 30-28.html
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