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How to use r5sdhc flashcart to play 100 games on 3DS

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How to use r5sdhc flashcart to play 100 games on 3DS

Post by nickberardi476 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:48 pm

Today , R5sdhc team made an annoucement that the r5sdhc can support 100 games in their official site, and released the step by step instruction to show you how to do it . They admit that the r5sdhc can support 100 games due to there is a bug and this might not happen in next lot . They are not going to recover the cards in market now. So if you want to buy teh r5sdhc that can support the 100 games .

1. play 10 games what you like them mostly by R5.(we called this "10 game" for short)
Attention :even you can play 100 games so far ,but you still only can save 10 games . As the records are in kernel ,even us are unable to store more . Be sure that you have 10 favorites to play and save without problem at first .
2. Backup any one "10 game" as the first file in your micro sd card , then backup "10 game"(the game not in 10 list) as the second file in your micro sd .
3.Play "10 games " as normal then click switch button . When blue LED keeps flashing , eject your micro sd at once .
4.Insert micro sd card again .Then screen will show "10+ game" .Press and hold the switch button for 2 seconds and let go .
5.If you see the blue led is flashing , then you can go on to play "10+ game"

Pls note : When you play "10+ game" , you are not able to change next game by clicking switch button. You have to eject micro sd and insert again for next normal "10 game"

Know more info about r5sdhc from here : ... -p-22.html

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