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[RELEASE] TriaAl - DeeMo Clone for 3DS

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[RELEASE] TriaAl - DeeMo Clone for 3DS

Post by Rinnegatamante » Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:32 am

TriaAl v.1.0 Alpha

TriaAl is a clone of DeeMo, a popular rythm game made by Rayark Games for mobile phones.
The game is still in alpha, has basically no animations and has only 5 songs (it's much more a proof of concept). Based on how much interest the community will show, i can think about working on it making it better (animations, new songs, a PC program to port your favorite songs on TriaAl).
At the moment you can modify notes speed and difficulty (Hard is currently locked).
Please report me any kind of bug you find.
If you don't know DeeMo, gameplay is pretty simple and similar to several popular rythm game like Rock Band or Guitar Hero: there are notes coming on your screen and you need to tap them at the correct time. Black notes need to be tapped, yellow ones require you to hold touchscreen until the sequence ends.

Current available songs

Wings of Piano by V.K. - From DeeMo
Dream by Rabpit - From DeeMo
Light Up my Love by Any ft Moco - From Cytus
Prismatic Lollipops by DJ Mashiro - From Cytus
Lights by Jim Yosef - NoCopyrightSounds song

Converting a song to a TriaAl song

At the moment there isn't a real song maker but i made a year ago a simple debugger to create some basic songs. It's pretty *** but you can take a look if you're interested. As said before, if the homebrew receives good support, i'm going to work on a real song maker and on several improvements to the whole game.

Link to the debugger: ... =13&pid=45


gnmmarechal for the video presentation and the help during betatesting.
Chrisser_75 for the game icon.

How to use the CIA version

1) Place songs folder in the root of SD card.
2) Install the CIA file.
3) Profit.

If you want, visit my website: :D

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