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[RELEASE] ORGANIZ3D - Powerful filebrowser for 3DS

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[RELEASE] ORGANIZ3D - Powerful filebrowser for 3DS

Post by Rinnegatamante » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:38 pm

ORGANIZ3D is a filebrowser/multimedia reader/extdata manager for 3DS wrote with Lua Player Plus.
Sourcecode can be found in index.lua file.


Video Presentation:

ORGANIZ3D Official Videos:
--> 23 minutes JPGV reproduction <--

Latest release: 1.1

NOTE: ORGANIZ3D minor releases are downloadable only with auto-update system!

Starting from v.0.5, ORGANIZ3D supports both SDMC and EXTDATA listing. EXTDATA files and folders can be opened with an HEX Viewer, dumped on SDMC and restored from SDMC).

- Open different types of file
- Move files and directories
- Copy files and directories
- Delete files and directories
- Rename files and directories
- Create new directories

Integrated readers:
- Image Viewer (It supports JPG, BMP and PNG images)
- LUA Interpreter (It supports LUA Player Plus scripts)
- Video Player (It supports BMPV and JPGV videos)
- Music Player (It supports OGG, WAV and AIFF musics)
- Text Reader
- HEX Viewer
- 3DSX Launcher (Only for ninjhax users)
- SMDH Decoder (It can also extract SMDH icon)
- CIA Installer
- ZIP Extractor

Currently native supported file formats:
- BMPV/JPGV videos
- JPG/BMP/PNG images
- LUA scripts
- OGG/WAV/AIFF musics (Only CIA/ninjhax users)
- 3DSX homebrews (Only ninjhax users)
- SMDH homebrew datas
- CIA packages (Only CIA users)
- ZIP archives
- TXT texts
- TTF fonts

Controls (SDMC):
A = Open file for viewing/listening/executing with default reader
B = Rename file/directory
Y = Move/Copy file/directory
X = Delete file/directory | Undo Move/Copy
L = Select reader to use for opening a file
R = Create new directory
SELECT = Switch between EXTDATA and SDMC
START = Exit homebrew
Left/Right = Scroll opened TXT file | Pause/resume current opened file (if it is a multimedia file) | Extract icon from SMDH opened file
Touchscreen or Up/Down = Move through files
Circle Pad = Move viewed zone for big images

Controls (EXTDATA):
A = Open file with HEX Viewer/Open folder
B = Dump file/folder to SDMC
X = Restore file/folder from SDMC
SELECT = Switch between EXTDATA and SDMC
START = Exit Homebrew
Touchscreen or Up/Down = Move through files

NOTE: Is also possible to launch other Lua homebrews by executing their index.lua files. (According to same or similar LPP revision).

Please report me any kind of bug you find.

Download: ORGANIZ3D v.11

CIA Users: ORG_Themes folder and ORG_CONFIG.txt must be in the root of your SD card.

Create your own ORGANIZ3D themes:
- Create a folder in ORG_Themes folder and name it as your theme name.
- Inside this folder, put your background image (it must be 320x240 and in PNG or BMP format)
- Create a theme.lua file and, inside it, put these strings (obviously, first set parameters):

Code: Select all

-- INFOS --
theme_name = "MY THEME NAME"
author = "MY NAME"

-- COLORS --
menu_color =,G,B,A) -- Color of text for not selected filebrowser item
selected_color =,G,B,A) -- Color of text for selected filebrowser item
selected_item =,G,B,A) -- Color of background for selected filebrowser item

bg = Graphics.loadImage(System.currentDirectory().."/MY_BACKGROUND_FILE") -- Background image path
Colors must be RGB (or RGBA). [ ]

Theme to be loaded at ORGANIZ3D startup can be changed by editing ORG_CONFIG.txt file.
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Re: [RELEASE] ORGANIZ3D - Powerful filebrowser for 3DS

Post by Rinnegatamante » Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:27 pm

v.1.1 released with a lot of new things, bugfixes and also CIA build!


Code: Select all

- Now exiting from JPGV Player when a video finishes will not cause a system freeze.
- Bugfix for 3DSX Launcher causing interpreter crash if selected with "Open with" feature.
- Added 3DSX Launcher support to *hax 2.X.
- Increased a lot performances for JPGV Player.
- Reduced loading time for JPG images.
- Slight speedup for the whole homebrew.
- Added more info showed for CIA files (Version, Size to install, Icon, Name, Author, Description)
- Bugfix for CIA Installer not correctly working if a CIA file was opened without "Open with" feature.
- Added a Controls List popup when you press Start.
- Updated to latest lpp-3ds nightly build.
- Added another (default) sample theme.
- Now opening a theme will not cause a system crash anymore.
- Now if you hold Up/Down buttons, you'll be able to scroll files faster.
- Reintroduced CIA version of ORGANIZ3D. (Place ORG_Themes in root of SD).
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Re: [RELEASE] ORGANIZ3D - Powerful filebrowser for 3DS

Post by GeminiContractor » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:30 am

Are you still developing this?
If so, could you add the ability to play music while doing other things in the app (e.g. reading texts, viewing images, etc.) and the ability to zoom in/out for pictures?

Also, the 3DS goes to a black screen and has to be rebooted if the lid is closed while in ORGANIZ3D.

Anyway, thank you for this app.
It's very helpful.
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