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[RELEASE] 3DS Briscola - Briscola card game for 3DS

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[RELEASE] 3DS Briscola - Briscola card game for 3DS

Post by Rinnegatamante » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:34 pm

Hi, does someone knows Briscola?
Briscola is a popular italian card game and i made years ago a Briscola card game for PSP (PSPBriscola).

PSPBriscola was coded in LUA (LPHM7) so i managed to port it to my LUA interpreter (lpp-3ds) because lpp-3ds syntax is very similar to LPHM7 syntax.

This port has been realized very fast so many things can be bugged, also, codes are very *** because PSPBriscola is one of my first homebrew ever made (so there are routines that can be improved and also code isn't idented).

Some functionality of this hb:
- Customizable Cards Set (Neapolitan, Sardinian, Roman, French Poker, Bergamo's Cards, Sicilian)
- Customizable Table Background
- Customizable Music Background
- Dual Language: English and Italian
- Tutorial to learn how to play (sorry for the bad english in this tutorial)
- Singleplayer mode (only one difficult which is the corrispondent of Hard Mode in PSPBriscola v.1.4) and Local Multiplayer mode (only one console)
- Screenshot during game by pressing L button

Thanks to:
- shadow_95 for the Sicilian and Roman sets
- Simoncrue for the Bergamo's cards set
- Brian_User for the Sardinian set and for coloured tables
- the_biglollo for the final icon
- sonicco for the test icons


If you encounter a bug, please report it so i can fix it.
If you want, visit my website: :D

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