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[RELEASE] ctrHexenII - Hexen II port for 3DS

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[RELEASE] ctrHexenII - Hexen II port for 3DS

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ctrHexenII v.1.1
by Rinnegatamante

ctrHexenII is a port of Hexen II for 3DS based on a modified version of winQuake.
It supports both basic game and Portal of Praveus DLC and it has been tested with glHexenII pak files.
This port, as of now, uses CPU rendering (which could be quite slow on O3DS in certain circumstances) and has full support to audio.
Circle Pad and Touchscreen are also supported for player movement by default, there also is second analog support for N3DS and optional gyroscope support for camera movement.
There is also a secret third person mode activable on Options Menu.
If you dislike game console, you can turn it off by holding R when launching the homebrew; holding L will make debug console appear instead.
Files (portals and data1 folders) must be placed in the root of SD card.

elhobbs and MasterFeizz for their repositories about Quake Engine i used for some memory leaks patch.
ihaveamac and SLiV3R for testing the homebrew

Screenshots (from Citra 3DS)
Image Image

GitHub Repository:
If you want, visit my website: :D
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