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[Questions] Update EmuNAND?

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:40 am
by GgNtEr
I've downgraded my N3DS to 9.2 and set up EmuNAND with a CFW (writing this far from home without my n3DS, I think it's Reinand, about 90% sure). I did it via Browserhax & Menuhax and minipasta without a Gateway Card as I don't own one. The used Payload was still Hax 2.5.

- Ironfall seems it has been deleted after the downgrade. Is there a way to het back to 9.9 to retrieve the old ironhax and revert everything IF wanted?

- FBI doesn't work if I start it normally via Menu/Browserhax so I infused FBI via Health and Safety and installed GBA games on Reinand, which however gives an error message, saying something like "there was an error, shut down your system by holding the POWER button". What's going on there?

- The BigBlueMenu also doesn't work and stops loading. I also don't know what it's used for.

- Is it possible to Update EmuNand to 10.(the_most_recent) without touching SysNand to fully utilize the Eshop and features for the 10.x version while still retaining a Sysnand able of running Hax? I've seen stuff but many use Gateway to upgrade.

Re: [Questions] Update EmuNAND?

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:25 pm
by HarmfulMushroom
So long as you verify you are 100% in the emunand, (look at the bottom right side of the settings screen and it will say something like GW9.9 if youre on gateway or something similar if on anything else). So long as you see this, then update through the 3ds updater in settings. That's just to answer your question about how to upgrade, don't know if this will fix your issue or not though.