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[RELEASE] 3ds 7.x keyX

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Re: [RELEASE] 3ds 7.x keyX

Post by Joel16 »

marios92 wrote:what you mean?
I think he's trying to say it'll require some skills.
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Re: [RELEASE] 3ds 7.x keyX

Post by marios92 »

no one here is able to mod 3ds game? ^^
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Re: [RELEASE] 3ds 7.x keyX

Post by internally-Blazed »

marios92 wrote:no one here is able to mod 3ds game? ^^
Its not easy modding games, takes alot of time and effort. Plus as know the homebrew scene for 3DS is more active perhaps it may come across. Who knows...

If you really want to mod a game, you could always start to learn!! It'll be great having more devs ^-^ :D
Im a dragon in the scene. I've modded everything i can get my hands on :)

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