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3DS hacked

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3DS hacked

Post by Salahkun »


[quote]Long-time GBAtemp member and store owner OzModChips recently tweeted a picture that got our community excited: a powered-on Nintendo 3DS console displaying a message - "WE HACKED IT!". The information has been confirmed by various sceners among which crediar. You may notice that the 3DS top screen is fully lit which confirms that this isn't just some NDS homebrew. The author of this hack is reportedly the well-known scener yellows8; he also stated that the hack was possible through a game save exploit (he did not mention which game though).

So, what do you think? Are we going to be getting 3DS homebrew anytime soon? Here at GBAtemp, we sure hope so. We'll keep you informed!

Source= ... ed.339319/

So what do you think ?
one more console hacked ? if that's true i think that the 3ds will sell alot this holidays.
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Re: 3DS hacked

Post by qraze »

there will one day be a day when nintendo hardwares have no decent security measures.

....oh wait!

(still great news though, much props.)

this xmas is all about tablets.
the wii U eh, its gonna sell decently but it ain't got the buzz the first had going for.

both handhelds will sell well but not nearly as much as those kindle fires will.
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Re: 3DS hacked

Post by Salahkun »

Kindle fire??
I think that iPads will be sold better.
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Re: 3DS hacked

Post by silkyskeeter »

Nice news, too bad I sold my 3ds
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Re: 3DS hacked

Post by Esoth »

There have been too many fakes already, so I'll believe it when I see it in action.
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Re: 3DS hacked

Post by riyaz »

hmm i already read it on gbatemp
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Re: 3DS hacked

Post by lacrimosaangel »

Hmm.. this is rather interesting! I would love to see how this develops... Homebrew on a nintendo handheld would be something special indeed!!

specially if it allowed us to install emulators and roms to the home menus and run them from sd card! Already lost access to the eShop as I'm running r4i gold 3ds and can't update my 3ds until the next woodR4 patch is out...

Who knows what's possible though, now that they have enabled booting apps and dl'd games from sd card...
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Re: 3DS hacked

Post by Corey96 »

This could be interesting! I myself don't intend on purchasing a 3DS, but my brother hasn't yet got a current generation portable.
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