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Official /talk Introduction thread!

Things that don't go in any other category
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by kuh »

Hello there.
I'm a recent Vita owner, but I had a PSP 2000 for quite some time already.

While I code sometimes, it's not for console/portable related at all. I am quite interested in that kinda stuff, though.
Well, see ya around!
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by Spatatons »

Hey guys,

I'm Alberto from Italy!! I had the passion of modding in general ( hw and sw) and with my ps vita you're my guide! Thanks for your hard working, is my homepage, everytime i hope in news :)

The Gink
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by The Gink »

How's things, just joined recently. Appreciate all the great info on here.
Been in the Xbox360 scene for ages, PS3 scene for past year or more and now PSP / Vita.
Mostly as a hobby or interest for myself and to keep my boys gaming...

The Gink. See you around...
If you don't mod, don't hack, what do you do.??
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by Skorm »

I visit wololo daily and have for years. It's a great place for news and fantastic deals. Everyday has something new and exciting. Truly a site dedicated to its fans run by a great guy.

For the longest time I just lurked around the forums but I'd like for that to change. Welp here's to the future, cheers.
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by MrBland »

Hello all! I just recently bought a PS Vita and LOVE it! It has been a little depressing though, I'm so late to the game I've missed out on some vital info. I have no way to get PSM, and updated to 3.52 before I knew what was up... that really sucks.... So much for my dream of N64 running on beautiful Vita hardware... Dispite the disappointments the Vita is an awesome system with some really great games, my boys and I have really been enjoying it.

Well I look forward to learning more about what this forum can offer. If anyone wants/needs more history on me, I've been an active member over at Atariage for a number of years now. I'm a huge fan of the Atari Lynx and have been active in that community under the same username as here.
Well I look forward to learning more from you guys!
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by RomRom22 »

i'm Romain, and live next to Paris, so first
i'm not a good gamer (i can't reach the level of some person), and i'm not an expert but i like to hack my game systems, as the PSP with Pandora Batterie, the PS3 it was with the TI, and many others :)
big fan of MGS, Fallout, TES, Uncharted, Bioshock, borderlands, wait the next mirror's edge...
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by RomRom22 »

ho, and i'm a big fan of retro devices!
NES, SNES, Megadrive, GameCube Dreamcast, PS1&2, GameBoy, Gameboy Advance, 1st DS....
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by IsshouJuuzou »

Hello, fellows!

I've just arrived here after so many weeks following vita scene interesting development through our beloved wololo. I'm a few days from getting my very own vita shipment delivered and I hope to be enjoying homebrew at its fullest asap!

Hail the scene!
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by EbonyFJU »

hi, there everyone

my name is EbonyFJU and I am new to the forum. And i am also a big fan of retro devices!

sony xperia z5 tasche
Erfolg hat, wer andere erfolgreich macht.
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Re: Official /talk Introduction thread!

Post by Murcielago »

Hello, I'm very excited to be here.

Little back story. TL/DR: Happy to be here.

I love the vita support here. I'm really enjoying the system. I have about 22 games on it. I originally tried getting into the PSM development in 2014, but I didn't have the money for the Vita so I had to wait. I finally manged to get one,in 2015, shortly after they closed down the PSM dev support. I figured their had to be a way to get the app. Thats how I stumbled onto Wololo and managed to get the Dev Unity on one of my Vitas(I wound up getting an older model for the 3.15 firmware).

Now I've been following tutorials like this:
It works. I have it going on my comp. Now I got to figure out the Unity app.

Now I can continue making my own video games! I believe the Vita has some untapped potential. The Vita TV is proof of that (for me at least). The concept of playing your game on a home console, then continuing on a portable device? I find that amazing. If you don't think that's the dopest ****, you can get out of my face :P I wouldn't be surprised if the Nintendo NX is like that. One system with interchangeable peripherals EX(WiiMote,WiiUcontroller,GCController,3DS, etc).

Anyways, Thanks for the hard work.
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