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game injektion to ofw 4.70 without ODE & IDPS

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game injektion to ofw 4.70 without ODE & IDPS

Post by akela » Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:49 pm

Now you can run games on the PS3 OFW 4.70 consoles without any ODE and IDPS.

What you will need:
The disc version of the game and the patch (and) it
Injector: TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector
Heks editor: HxD - Freeware Hex Editor
Open archive any archive and extract packed inside GAME_CONVERT folder at any convenient place, preferably close to the root of the drive
(NOT the folder path should be long and contain Cyrillic characters and other signs such as @ & () "/ [\]:;! | =,)

If you have downloaded the game in an ISO you need to unpack it or mount a virtual drive. Of all the files we need only PS3_GAME folder, copy it to GAME_CONVERT. This also unpack the archive, containing script-BAT and utility make_npdata.

As a result, you should get this:

We go in and check out there PS3_GAME presence LICDIR folder. If not, then read a spoiler.

[spoiler]Creating PS3_GAME \ LICDIR \ LIC.DAT
In PS3_GAME create LICDIR folder.

Open in LIC.DAT hex-editor on any game, scroll down to 0x800 position until we find the game code (scroll carefully, that would not miss).


Once found, we replace it with the code of our game, taken from PARAM.SFO.


Vanishes 4 bytes old checksum in the 0x20 position (which indicates the 4th arrow), then select from the beginning exactly 0h900 bytes (number of allocated code is displayed in the bottom of the hex-editor - "Length: 900"), calculate a new CRC-32 as shown by the arrows and write a new check sum in the position 0x20:


Save and copy ready LIC.DAT in PS3_GAME \ LICDIR.

P.S. You can sgenrirovat LIC.DAT code of PARAM.SFO games via PS3 LIC.DAT Generator.[/spoiler]

Run CONVERT.BAT, continue to enter the name of our future in the game folder NPEBXXXXX format (where XXXXX any five-digit number), click the interval, waiting ... After the completion of the script, next to the other files will be almost finished with the game folder.

It's time to unpack the patch (s). If the patch is not one, then you need to unpack them all and merge into a single folder, from smallest to largest, while agreeing with the replacement.

Copy EBOOT.BIN file from the patch to the folder USRDIR our converted games. Editing, if needed, PARAM.SFO. (Change the version of the game, and the firmware on the exact same as in PARAM.SFO patch)

Finished the game folder and the folder with the patch throws in "TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector \ game" and create a backup of the instructions.
Something like this should look ready patch folder and games


Google translated !
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