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HOW TO: Remote play on any Windows/Non-Vaio PC

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HOW TO: Remote play on any Windows/Non-Vaio PC

Post by AlexxLopaztico02 » Mon Aug 22, 2016 5:01 pm

Since everybody is up with the vita and the new webkit exploit ported to the PS4, we (almost) forget the PS3. This tutorial is for anyone who wants to play some PS3 oldies' on his W7/8/8.1/10 and NON-VAIO PC. So, lets start.

What you need:
  • PC/Laptop running Windows (Up to seven)
  • A PS3 (Duh :P)
  • Patched v Dlls and EXE from here
  • Remote play app from S0ny servers

    Code: Select all
    Copy and paste that in your browser.
  • The PS3 connected to PC via wifi or ethernet (Or both if you want :P)
Lets start.

1. Download the zip from MF and extract it in a place you remember. Antivirus probably will mark it as trojan, this is because remote play is, a trojan/remote control device.

2. Download and run with Administrator Privileges the S0ny remote play installer (EP0000248680.exe) and reboot.

3. Copy the files that you extracted from the zip to the directory you installed the remote play app (Defect is C:\Program files\Sony\Remote Play With Playstation 3)

4. Now, launch rmp_launcher.exe The file is in the installation folder. The original launcher DOESNT WORK since is not patched to run on non vaio PC's.
(OPTIONAL) This is the file we will need everytime to launch remote play, so better make a shortcut to desktop.

5. Now, go through the connection wizard. IS NEEDED TO HAVE THE PS3 AND PC ON SAME NETWORK.

6. On PS3, go to Settings > Remote Play > Register Device to start pairing.

Now, the tutorial must be finished. Hope you enjoy playing PS3 on your PC! :D

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Re: HOW TO: Remote play on any Windows/Non-Vaio PC

Post by mounir1991 » Sat Nov 05, 2016 12:33 pm

Cn you re-upload the patched files please ?? links are dead thanks

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Re: HOW TO: Remote play on any Windows/Non-Vaio PC

Post by reprep » Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:44 pm

Analog input doesn't work only d-pad, so it is only good for media playback etc. Forget it if you want to play games.

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