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[Tutorial] Restore Original PS3 Gameboot

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[Tutorial] Restore Original PS3 Gameboot

Post by zant » Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:22 pm

Greetings all,

This is Zant, lurking over the PS3 scene for some time at the usual places by the same handle. I'm officially posting my tutorial here even though I wrote it some time ago, only to see it shamelessly copied on another site (not here, but another web site that thinks its funny to just steal work and post it for 'VIPs'...), so I thought I might as well post this here for contest and general knowledge as well.

Anybody that has been around the PS3 long enough remembers how we were greeted by that old classic gameboot "Playstation 3" + jingle every time we played a PS3 game. Sony thought it was a great idea to remove it as soon as PS3 slims came out and changed the PS3 branding from "Playstation 3" to "PS3" in firmware 3.00. Needless to say, I was *** that this had been removed. I also hated the fact that the black color was never an option for the XMB, so I wanted to make the ultimate classic Playstation 3 that I remember from the kiosk days.

So to get the gameboot + jingle back, the process is simple. Just copy the modified files to the following places:
1. Copy game_ext_plug.sprx to dev_flash/vsh/modules/
2. Copy gameboot_multi.ac3, gameboot_stereo.ac3, and custom_render_plugin.rco to dev_flash/vsh/resource
*This should go without saying, but you need to enable dev_blind in multiman before you can write to dev_flash.

For your convenience, I have already placed the files in the necessary directories in the dev_flash folder, or if you want to do it manually, the needed files are in the root folder.

For those interested in patching themselves or for other firmwares:

extract game_ext_plugin.sprx in dev_flash/vsh/modules from whatever firmware you like, then run SCETOOL:

scetool.exe -d game_ext_plugin.sprx game_ext_plugin.prx

Open decrypted game_ext_plugin.prx and search for following hex data:

Older firmwares: 38 80 00 00 7B E3 00 20 and change to 38 80 00 00 38 60 00 02
Newer firmwares: 2F 89 00 00 7B C3 00 20 and change to 2F 89 00 00 38 60 00 02

Re-encrypt sprx with following command:
scetool -v --compress-data=TRUE --sce-type=SELF --self-type=APP --template=game_ext_plugin_bak.sprx --encrypt game_ext_plugin.prx game_ext_plugin.sprx
*note, make backup of original sprx to use for --template flag

At time of writing (6/13/2016), this patch is working for firmware 4.80 REX of the great Rebug team.

Zant for modding files, testing, and delivering files
mysis for discovering the patch for game_ext_plug.sprx and posting to PS3devwiki
tpryor for the heads up on PS3devwiki
Hells Angel for testing and putting in work as well
All other PS3devs that made this scene great

Download files here: ...

Some were concerned that this code broke PSP/PSX/PS2emulator compatibility/operation. I posted a demo video when I originally released this for 4.76 Rebug CEX that this was NOT the case. The video shows all the games operate normally.

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Re: [Tutorial] Restore Original PS3 Gameboot

Post by syngas » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:04 pm


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Re: [Tutorial] Restore Original PS3 Gameboot

Post by pspunabletohack » Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:09 pm

Does this works on 4.82 Rebug REX?

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