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I was having GPU Crash, System Error, Graphical Glitches and here's how I solved it [ FW restoration ]

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 10:07 am
by Nephilim
Hey everyone, I have a Vita PCH-1001, and even before the hacking scene I've been using it, playing games like Dragon's Crown, Helldivers and Killzone, to mention a few, to watch Netflix, have lot of love for this handheld device and when the hacking scene started I went on it, but even after I've purchase a few goods that thought was worth it.

Sometime ago my Vita started showing up the "GPU error message" (when on 3.65 and 3.68) and the "Ps Vita System will be Powered Off" (when on 3.60), thanks do The Flow's Modoru we now, as long as hackable, can switch between firmwares, to test, to choose, and I, that was on 3.65 enso, and from time to time having this problem, started to search for a solution online...

So, first I saw people saying that I should put my plugins, all on ux0 instead of ur0, did it, changed the config.txt, then swapped all to ur0 when it still happens, started to change firmware to test it and actually was getting worst, tried rebuild database, wipe memory card, nothing, now even graphical glitches was happening, so I took a deep breath and started to think on my on, and here's the solution I have found:

A) Use Modoru to go to firmware 3.60

B) Rebuild Database from Safe Mode

C) Format Memory Card from Safe Mode

D) Restore System from Safe Mode and don't pass the opening "Welcome & Configuration" when it restarts after System Restoration turn it off! Don't put anything yet!

E) Reinstall current Firmware (3.60) from Safe Mode, using PC option, QCMA seted up with the 3.60ofw .PUP at Update folder on your PC, and using the option of latest firmware as 3.60 (Henkaku), also turn off the option "Automatic Database Refresh (Experimental)" on QCMAs Settings.

F) After reinstalling the Firmware (3.60) using the QCMA via Safe Mode's PC Option to Update Firmware, you can now do the opening "Welcome & Configuration" when rebooted, select that you have a PSN account but will set it up later

G) Connect to your Network, go to the browser and type in: ' ' , the henkaku installer via browser, so you can spoof the PSN to login on your account and start using QCMA Content Manager (and FinalHE, by soarqin).

H) After installing Henkaku, make sure to have, on Henkaku Configurations Spoof Version seted to 3.70, inside Configurations, Log In on your PSN account. Reboot. (AFTER LOGIN AND REBOOT DON'T OPEN HENKAKU AGAIN OR THE NEXT STEP WILL FAIL)

I) After reboot, using FinalHE, by soarqin, on PC, you can now easily transfer H-Encore to you Vitas Memory Card via Content Manager (don't need QCMA here / Make sure ir says you are on 3.60 fw at FinalHE app on PC). Open H-Encore after installing it (following the stepts of the app on your PC), select "reset config.txt", install henkaku, then download Vitashell. Enable Unsafe Homebrew via Henkaku Config

J) Transfer the Enso 3.60 Installer (from official ' ' ) to your PSVita via Vitashell [ ! We are not going to install the Enso itself, only the app ! ] .

K ) After installing THE APK, open Enso (APK) application on your Vita, press O (Circle) and then ٨ (Triangle) !!!!! , the option to Uninstall the Enso, your Vita will reboot then. This will clean up some files and folders that may be dirty.

L) Uninstall H-Encore and the Enso app, they both only works for 3.60 on this versions and we're going to update to 3.65 now.

M) Boot on Safe Mode and install 3.65 ofw via QCMA on your PC (set up Latest Firmware as Custom 3.650.000).

N) After updating, install again H-Encore via FinalHE, open H-encore holding R select "Reset Config.txt" and install Henkaku. Select Enable Unsafe Homebrew at Henkaku Config.

O) Download, transfer and install Enso Installer for 3.65 by TheFlow and again just the apk, open it, circle, triangle, uninstall it, will reboot.

P) Now, open H-Encore and we are good to go.

Just a few important things: :!:

When installing plug ins, such as NoNpDRM, install on both ux0:tai and ur0:tai directories, having the .skprx (or .suprx) on both folders, inside each 'config.txt' of each separate folder, then put the directions to their respective directories, example: when installing NoNpDRM put it on both ux0 and ur0 tai folder the skprx and on config.txt of ux0:tai, should be ux0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx under *Kernel and on config.txt at ur0:tai, ur0:tai/nonpdrm.skprx. They all should be at the same order on both, so the system will use each config as the same, loading plugins inside their on directories, cuz sometimes the memory card doesn't load constantly, so it will not have a fail reading.

Remember to have every .skprx on config.txt list inside each folder, even the henkaku one, then change his directory where listed on the config.txt . ( Observation: The > Keys.bin < from ref00d, that one should only be at ur0:tai )

Also use TaiHen.skprx, by yifanlu, at top *Kernel on both configs and folders, using the same method explained.

Always use the option to Refresh Licenses at ٨ (triangle) on VitaShells options when installed a new application.

p.s.: reF00D.skprx always after nonpdrm.skprx

p.s.: Use always a charger that is a output 5V - 1.2A for the sake of the internal components.

––> Feel free to spread the word.

Re: I was having GPU Crash, System Error, Graphical Glitches and here's how I solved it [ FW restoration ]

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 6:23 pm
by Nephilim
Also, if you want to use LOLicon; as well as having it (.skprx) on both ux0:tai and ur0:tai, as on their config.txt, copy the folder LOLicon that will show at ux0 or ur0 to the oposite directory as well, having it on both, remember that all the config.txt should be "mirrored", same sequency on both, just changing the main directory (ur0:tai/ at the ur0 config.txt and the same on ux0), but the itens inside LOLicon folders at ur0 and ux0 should be the exactly same ones.

What we do here is to make the Kernel load the same sequency of plugins even when the memory card "jumps" while loading games and applications data, so it wont get any false reading and prevent it from freezing your Vita or greater system failures.

Remember to have the TaiHen.skprx at first after *Kernel (on both config.txt files) and right bellow it the (by Rinegatamante) kuio.skprx directory.
You need to have kuio.skprx plugin on both Tai folders as well.

The thing about not using the Vita Brick Charger and using other common phone usb chargers is that even when they say it is a 5V (never use a higher voltage) and a 1.2A (for example), it almost aways have a performance of 3.9V and hardly stable 800mA, and the Vita needs a correct electric current to work right, imagine all the components trying to work properly, not even overclocked, at Default, and having to pull their performances getting less energy than they need to have to do it, they will produce more heat, leading it to freeze and graphic error. So, use the right Voltage and Ampere, to see a real charger V&A you can use Aplications on your smartphone that will show the exact current a charger outputs just by pluging in your USB cable on the phone at the charger (with the charger plugged into the wall outlet).

That said, haven't tried to overclock it and play while charging, just overclocked when fully charged and disconnected from the charger (but played non overclocked games when charging and all's good), but think that it will probably ask for a little more amperage, cuz it will be using more current to perform but that's just me saying, cuz haven't tested it yet. But so far so good

Re: I was having GPU Crash, System Error, Graphical Glitches and here's how I solved it [ FW restoration ]

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 7:02 pm
by simonizer
That's so much bs, I wouldn't know where to start.

Re: I was having GPU Crash, System Error, Graphical Glitches and here's how I solved it [ FW restoration ]

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 1:21 am
by Nephilim
Here's a video of what happens when I charge my Vita using a unstable amperage charger, and the same error happens when I let all plugins on ux0 or ur0 alone: ... c2beb32289

The thing about the plugins is that the source of the game is the memory card and having them just on ur0 sometimes make it just load info from the memory card and make it crash for the lack of nonpdrm and ref00d on it (example), same way around, when the memory card does a "jump" on data loading, having them only on ux0 make system freeze cuz the system doesn't support the same plugins internally (ur0).

Summing up, place your plug ins on both ux0 and ur0, having they config.txt loading it from their respective folders in the same sequency and dont use a charger that runs lower than 1200mA and above 5000 voltage if you want to keep it running right

Re: I was having GPU Crash, System Error, Graphical Glitches and here's how I solved it [ FW restoration ]

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 1:28 am
by Nephilim
escobarrr wrote:
Mon May 06, 2019 12:44 am
Thank you very much for the tip and the sharing of your tip, but I do not know if I can handle it, it looks too complicated
I've summed up on my last post :lol: , it's just that I've had installed enso on both 3.65 and 3.60 and reinstalled firmwares without properly uninstalling them via their vpk, just overwriting on one another, leaving unused system data inside Vitas internal memory, having it freezing every time I boot up the device, so I had to do a reinstallation of each firmware I used and use the especific app of each CFW to clean this remanescent data.