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Please delete this post

Post by 20GT » Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:41 am

Please delete this thread. It in no way contributes to the community. Thanks OP

Sorry I wasn't clear on my first post. I did not meant to break #9 - Threads regarding "online cheat" in games are not allowed. Discussions regarding offline cheats are allowed. This also should not violate #15 because it is about programming.

I was challenged by a friend that I couldn't ever beat his high score in Battlefield 4 in single player campaign mode. Sadly this is true. But given my never give up personality, I decided if I could beat him with a crutch.

I want to have my webcam pointed at the screen and have it recognize shapes and have it move the cursor to that particular shape. After this is accomplished I want to customize a PS4 into a PC.

The PC will have a secondary more powerful and faster system so it can eavesdrop on the PS4 during FPS games like Battlefield 4

The PC will have a large SSD full of processed images from the game in a database. The enemy is easily identifiable by the red triangle about its head

With the correct type of machine learning and visual identifying processes the PC should be able to target the enemy by parsing the info on the screen. Allowing the me an auto aim feature (through CronusMAX)

With a CronusMAX and the correct python and machine learning programs it should be able to learn how to play the games on the PS4. I would never sell this machine It will be too costly to build and code. It would just be my personal crutch If i could make it happen.

Has anyone heard of such a thing?
Can you point me in the right direction?


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