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Ark 3.63 issue with snes9xTYL

Pro Team's PSP Custom Firmware for the Vita. ARK can be downloaded here
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Ark 3.63 issue with snes9xTYL

Post by caflex » Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:59 pm

I can't figure out what I am doing wrong or if this is a known issue. I successfully got ark working on 3.63 and most emulators, the only issue I am having is getting snes9xTYL to properly load a rom.

I have tried

snes9xTYLE-0.4.2 , also tried the multiple revisions like r26, r27, with and without mediaengine. The furthest I have gotten is squiggly lines after rom loads, most of them however are just a frozen black screen. Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Ark 3.63 issue with snes9xTYL

Post by z3nGuru » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:29 pm

I am also on 3.63 and struggling to get SNES9XTYL working. My problem is i cant even get ROMS to show up. Emulator works, but roms are not visible. Can you please post instructions how you installed it, which version are you using?

I installed NesterJ without any problems.
Lets try to make this work...


Ok, i solved it this way. I am also new in all this and dont understand much, but ask anything that is not clear.

1. Downloaded snes9xTYL, put it in /PSP/SAVEDATA folder and zip it (it will look like /PSP/SAVEDATA/snes9xTYL). Name the file WHATEVERUPPERCASED.ZIP. Place the zip file in ARK_01234 folder and transfer it on device. There is no need to put ROMs yet because they wont extract/show up (dont ask me why).

2. Open ARK on Vita and you should see .ZIP file in OneMenu (press up/down in ARK and try to find .ZIP you created in 1.). Press x to install it. After you can confirm with vitaFTP that snes9xTYL folder is created in /PSP/SAVEDATA

3. Place .smc ROMS in another zip file. Name it SNESGAMES.ZIP put it in ARK folder and transfer on Vita.
#zip -0 -r SNESGAMES.ZIP game1.smc game2.scm game3.smc game4.smc // on Linux

4. In OneMenu press select, browse to /PSP/SAVEDATA/ARK_01234 select SNESGAMES.ZIP press triangle and select EXTRACT. Now navigate to /PSP/SAVEDATA/snes9xTYL/ROMS press triangle and select EXTRACT TO. You should see games extracted in ../ROMS folder.

5. Now in OneMenu in "Homebrew" section you should see SNES9X menu image. Fire it up and load your favorite rom.

I think i used r26 in the end, not sure, but if you have trouble with r26, i will zip this version which works and send you the link. I also tried to install it trough VHBL, it installed but after installation snes9xTYL cant be found on filesystem (dont ask me why).

Now you teach me how to install all other stuff ;). Let me know how it goes.
Br, z3nGuru
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Re: Ark 3.63 issue with snes9xTYL

Post by z3nGuru » Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:30 pm

This is how i got it to work on 3.63 and ARK. Tried it also on VHBL without success but since i am new to this it doesnt suprise me. Trick was to zip .smc separately.

1. Place snes9xTYL in /PSP/SAVEDATA/ folder, zip it with name SNES.ZIP, copy it inside ARK_01234 and transfer it on vita.
zip -0 -r SNES.ZIP PSP/

2. Open ARK, press up/down inside OneMenu, find ZIP you created in 1. press X to install it. After installation, by pressing select in ARK and navigating to /PSP/SAVEDATA/ you can confirm that snes9xTYL is installed and menu image is visible on ARK "homebrew" screen.

3. Same as in 1. step create GAMES.ZIP with your favorite roms. Place it in ARK_01234 and transfer on vita.
zip -0 -r game1.smc game2.smc...

4. Inside OneMenu press select and navigate to ARK_01234 folder find GAMES.ZIP press triangle and select EXTRACT. Go to /PSP/SAVEDATA/snes9xTYL/ROMS press triangle and select EXTRACT TO.

5. Fire it up!

I used snes9xTYL 0.4.2. Ask if something is not clear...

I posted this yesterday but think i deleted it while editing or admin. :roll: Anyway...)
Br, z3nGuru

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