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PS3 downgrade using kernel exploit?

Everything that is PS3-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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Re: PS3 downgrade using kernel exploit?

Post by jd20dog »

use a flashing chip
and three muskteers patch, works on everything up to 4.30

its a pain but it dose work
and eating thrifty maid noodles because of it......seriously!?! off brand noodles.....ouch i got burned by tech support.....ouch........
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Re: PS3 downgrade using kernel exploit?

Post by DMTea »

jhuebert95 wrote:Thanks for all the feedback. Since CFW isn't an option here, is anyone working on any new stuff currently? As in any projects that are ongoing? And why is it that the 4.xx cfw's need to be installed from 3.55? What's the significance of 3.55? From what I've heard you can install 4.xx cfw from 3.55 cfw OR ofw. What makes it impossible to install cfw except from 3.55? Is something blocked on the newer firmwares?

On a non flasher installed PS3, the only way to exploit it is to update it to 3.55. The 3.55 firmware is only significant if you don't own a flasher. There's no software downgrade beyond 3.55 OFW. Of course you can flash from say Kmeaw 3.55 to Rogero 4.30 cfw without first going to OFW. The reason people flash to an OFW is for tinfoil hat purposes, or if you were the unlucky waninkoko v1 user with a phat ps3....

But yea, buy a slim ps3 for hacks, retire the superslim for your legit PSN paid content.
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Re: PS3 downgrade using kernel exploit?

Post by eirexe »

Using a hardware flasher you can use the three musketeers patch and install cfw in non-downgradeable consoles
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Re: PS3 downgrade using kernel exploit?

Post by Greysmoke »

Using a hardware flasher, you can downgrade a ps3 that came from the factory with 3.55 or lower. Because the super slims came out way after 3.55 the stock firmware from the factorys is really high. like 4.30-4.40 etc. Now if you REALLY want home brew and backups on a superslim your only option is to get a stupid 3k3Y ODE for 100$
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