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[RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Total_Noob's PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for the Vita. CEF can be downloaded here.
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by Total-Noob »

mlc wrote:What was the reasoning behind removing the other drivers? Just to simplify the code, since Inferno seems to do most everything better? And, assuming people do find some games that can't work without NP9660 or March33*, would adding them back be an option?

*I assume it would almost have to be a game that requires NP9660, since afaik all M33 games work with Inferno
Yes, I really thought all games are supported with Inferno Driver, that's why I have removed the rest. But I can easiely still add them back.
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by fate6 »

mlc wrote:since afaik all M33 games work with Inferno
Inferno is a bug fixed M33 just with a different name.
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by mlc »

Total-Noob wrote: Yes, I really thought all games are supported with Inferno Driver, that's why I have removed the rest. But I can easiely still add them back.
You're probably right, so I doubt having them removed will be much of a problem. The only games I can think of that require a specific driver required Inferno/M33, so hopefully people will notice if there's an issue with some particular game/plugin requiring NP9660. Not to say I don't like to have the choice, but if it's literally pointless then there's no reason to leave it in since it might complicate your code and only has the potential to confuse people who change away from Inferno and then have a problem, either due to file size or compatibility issues with the Sony driver. (and releasing a TN-V10 with all 3 drivers and a TN-V10 with only Inferno would kind of defeat the point of simplifying things)
fate6 wrote:
mlc wrote:since afaik all M33 games work with Inferno
Inferno is a bug fixed M33 just with a different name.
Yeah, that's what I thought, so it would be extremely odd for a game to only work with the older, worse version. Presumably most bugs with Inferno have been found by now, since it's the more common driver unless you're still on ~5.00.
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by The Z »

Sorting ISOs via PSPFiler is still not working (it moves multiple ones at once, instead of just the one).

Should be: ... 6%2031.jpg

Actually is: ... 7%2016.jpg

/GAME/ content is working, though.
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by VladHQ »

- Added CSPSP Online Multiplayer support! COME ONLINE BUDDIES!
CSPSP (master server) admin here. Thank you very much for your support. I hope the game will once again reach it's popularity like it did back in the old days.
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by Acid_Snake »

I applaud his decision to remove the Sony and M33 drivers. Sony's driver is only really useful for PSN apps, which can be automatically detected as such, and the M33 driver is old, buggy and deprecated.

To the guy having problems with vcscheatdevice, I use that plugin too with inferno on ARK and works 100%. TNV and ARK share the same exact inferno code so I very much doubt it's a driver problem, perhaps you are using the wrong version of the plugin.
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by UnLuck3R »

just need to find new exploit for new Vita FW
and we can enjoy TN-V and PSN both :D
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by Samus »

Just wanted to briefly say thanks to the entire community, The Zett, Wololo, Smoke and many others for offering their unique talents and contributions to this forum.

Big kudos to Total-Noob for adding TN Savestate plugin support for PS1 games now with TN-V10. There are times when I'm far from a save spot on a PS1 rpg, my Vita battery is running low, and I'm away from a power source. Savestates take the worry out of this scenario and works just fine on the several games I've tested.

(Personal aside - those who are impressed with the recent updates might consider the gesture of making a small donation if you've not done so already.)

Not sure whether anyone's taking suggestions for future updates, but if I may be so bold as to throw out a request, perhaps someone might investigate what I'm calling the Konami PS1 compatibility issue.
[spoiler]Konami PS1 compatibility issue
Konami made some amazing games for PS1 and I've come across TN-V compatibility issues with quite a few of them. Would be interested to hear if anyone knows of a way to get these games up and running without glitches.
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by anubis889 »

anyone having the issue with loading some ps1 games? I've tried a few games that worked with 9.6 but now I get a black screen right before the sony playstation logo is supposed to appear and I have to reboot the vita (not with all games, just some that was previously working)
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Re: [RELEASE] 6.60 TN-V10

Post by Dero »

Should Have said this earlier but had no access to internet at the time. But thank you Total Noob for your hard work and for making the the Ps Vita more enjoyable than it already was. Thanks :)
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