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vita memory card read/write speeds

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vita memory card read/write speeds

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i just stumbled upon this article: ... mory-cards

according to this article vita memory card read speeds are about 6 megabytes per second and write speeds are about 4 megabytes per second.

though these values are calculated via indirect methods and as the CMA is doing some encrypting/decrypting, it surely slows down the process.

as my psp go internal memory can easily reach over 10 megabytes per second for pc transfer, i assume vita memory cards can do better.

as we now have control over vita memory card in ecfw mode for psp file system, is there a better method to calculate read/write speeds of the vita memory card? like some homebrew specifically made for this?

i can use psp filer copy/paste function to test but as both reading and writing will take place on the same memory card, this will hurt speed too. i am looking for a more direct method.
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