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[All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Total_Noob's PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for the Vita. CEF can be downloaded here.
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Re: [All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Post by KinsokuJiko »

I've got a problem with compatibility of some eboots. I specifically need the newest version of Bookr's build so I can read the more data-intensive PDF files I have (with large JPEG images).
Unfortunately, when I use an Bookr that isn't supplied for the Vita by something like the PLAYSTOP store, there's a problem loading up content (The eboot looks into the PSP's memorystick and allows browsing of file trees, for those who are unfamiliar). When I select "Open File", the window display that usually shows me files and folders displays an "<empty folder>" as if the system isn't detecting any folders what-so-ever, or the game's been put into a sandbox and isn't allowing it to access any stored memory in the Virtual Memorycard.
I can't visit any parent folder, and I can't do anything really, but mess with some options. The Eboot functions on my PSP (I use it every day) but Vita? Nope.
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Re: [All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Post by taiyaki04 »

JMQMOfficials wrote:
taiyaki04 wrote:a question...

since i own urbanix jp... only tn-v v3 was released for it (tn-v v1-2 does have the save file but it crashes/red screen)...
will i be able/is there a way to downgrade/switch from v3 to v1 or v2???
Duh? Just download the v2 version and replace the v3.
did not work... v2 and v1 give me a red screen... maybe i will just go back to tn-c
i hope K-on! will have a season 3. if that happens, i will cry my heart out with happiness
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Re: [All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Post by divinefist »

will remote joy work with the new TN v4 or is it already working on v3

probably not hey because with the CMA
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Re: [All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Post by grief3r »

it can't work
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Re: [All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Post by Alpmaster »

This thread is very useful Thanks.
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Re: [All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Post by GodofDark »

Alpmaster wrote:This thread is very useful Thanks.
This thread was dead for practically a whole year, does the information given still work? Can't check right now away from home and PSV.
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Re: [All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Post by Diag »

new tn-v4 runs nice so far :) thx to total_noob, wololo and the whole crew behind it for making it possible :)

just hope there will be a fix, so that the vita system language won´t be necessary on english (error by trying it to start with german settings)

but i have another question: installing isos isn´t neccesary on ms:0 or? i think it will just load faster? i tried crisis core and it runs perfectly without

and i think there is no way getting back from a started psp game to the xmb without restarting the whole exploited game?
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Re: [All-About] eCFW TN Q&A Links

Post by MMA JEDI »

I need help with pdf files for bookr. I have TN-V going smooth, bookr loads but Idk how to get a pdf in and opened. I made a common folder w/pdf inside and included that into the file thinking it'D read from the common folder like it reads the game folder for iso/cso/apps. Any ideas? thnx


Got it. Wrong bookr. And pdfs go in psp/game. thnx
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