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WebKit 3.30-3.36

Open discussions on programming specifically for the PS Vita.
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WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by xyz »

Since this was patched by Sony in 3.50 there's probably no reason to hold onto it anymore.

The vulnerability used is CVE-2014-1303 which was discovered by Liang Chen of Keen Team. You can read about it more here: ... Not-WP.pdf ... Or-Not.PDF

The archive contains vitasploit ported to 3.36. Other firmwares will not work. The exploit itself works on all PS Vita systems with firmware versions 3.30-3.36.

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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by yeeeeeeee »

This is great to hear! Made the mistake to update from 3.18 for I don't know what reason...
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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by Hykem »

We've been holding on to this exploit for a while now and I was hoping Sony would let it slip in 3.50. Still, it's a very interesting exploit and it's likely that it works on other devices (PS4 before 2.50, of course).
I'm going to add xyz's port for 3.36 to the vitasploit repository, which will now have two separate exploit methods. If anyone has a 3.30 or 3.35 unit and would like to mess around with WebKit, just let me know so I can port it to those firmware versions as well.

By the way, in addition to the PDF from blackhat that xyz linked to, there's also this: ... st2015.pdf

Those are the slides from Keen Team's Liang Chen's presentation at CanSecWest. Three different vulnerabilities are described in detail and it's definitely a good read.
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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by JaxxBlaxx »

Wow, I was not expecting this... Thanks and good job to everyone who helped port this!
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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by wololo »

Nice work
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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by The Z »

Sweet. So 3.36 is the new "best FW" :P
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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by yifanlu »

Yeah nice work! Now get on it with 3.50 ;)
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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by 9600pro »

This is a very good news! Keep up the good work guys! ;)
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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by torrey187 »

I think 3.18 is still > 3.36 which is the fw im stuck on because renaming EBOOTS and putting it into the game folder is a pain in the ****
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Re: WebKit 3.30-3.36

Post by haxxey »

Great, thanks.
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