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Regarding GPL and source code

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Regarding GPL and source code

Post by Xian Nox » Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:21 am

As has been explained many times by various moderators and wololo: Lamecraft and Multicraft are licensed under GPL, and this website respects the GPL license completely. What this means for programmers/modders here is that if you change the source code and release here, you have to provide the modified source code as well.
How source code is provided is left up to the developers/modders to decide. This can be either by separate package next to the download package, inside the download package or as a link to a repository with up-to-date source code. Promises of "10 minutes later", by email, or by snail mail are not acceptable.

What happens otherwise
If you decide you wish to not comply with the above mentioned rules, you will receive warnings and/or a permanent ban.
We don't do this because we have an abundance of time to lead senseless arguments, but because it is the right thing to do. GPL ensured that you can mod Lamecraft and Multicraft in the first place, it is only fair if you keep it that way.

How to set up a repository -- the easy way
1. Make an account with Github, Bitbucket or Google code.
2. Download and install git or mercurial. They are both free and available for all major operating systems and their flavors.
If decide you want a GUI application, take a look at TortoiseGit, TortoiseHg or SourceTree.
3. Use selected tool to push your source code to the repository.

The process is simple and takes no more than a few minutes. Once you're done, simply link your repository in the first post of your mod thread, and you're done.

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