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Reality Fighters

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Abhinav The Great
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Reality Fighters

Post by Abhinav The Great » Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:31 am

Sony isn't about to miss out and has plans to steal some thunder with Reality Fighters on its upcoming handheld, the PS Vita . You're the star as the vita snaps a photo of your face and slaps you into the game. Your face animates too -- which is pretty cool to see in action. And you can drop your fighters on the surface of any place you're aiming your vita. Neat stuff. Let's back up. Before you ever hit a match, you'll create your character either with your photo'd face or any celeb's you want.
Sony claims the camera is good enough to read and render from a photoThen comes customizing the body type -- man or woman, fat or thin, ripped or wimpy. And, of course, you have to dress up unless you want to fight in your undies.
More than 300 pieces of clothing are included (some with the game, some downloadable) and there are more than 200 weapons to take into battle.
Lastly, you pick your fighting style. These are "serious" options like boxing or silly styles like "ballet" or "zombie." Sound kind of fun right? Who wouldn't want to select a "zombie" fighter?

Trailer 1 :-
Trailer 2 :- ... re=related
Gameplay 1 :-
Gameplay 2 :-

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Xian Nox
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Re: Reality Fighters

Post by Xian Nox » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:13 pm

The name somehow sounds like a POPStation game. :shock:

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