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Re: disappointment for the us psvita....

Post by silkyskeeter »

emoinua123 wrote:You know the games in the us didnt have a lot of cool psvita releases. its strange that japan gets the good stuff. most of the time its games that were created by us creators. I just hope there will be more games for the psvita so that way my psvita wouldn't be locked in my room for months to be played.

How about your thoughts? :cry: :?:
Me, Im disappointed but I still love it (In a sort of love/hate relationship kind of way) but mostly to play PsP and PsOne games I never got play or just out of nostalgia. I just hate how many games are NOT coming to the handheld. It confuses the *** out of me. Where are the handheld versions of multiplats? Where are all the localizations of the the cool Japanese developed games (Phantasy Star Online 2, Malicious Rebirth, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD,Tales of Innocence.....ect)? The NA/EU developers shy away from the handheld for its unfair and unreasonable restrictions on game development (I seen the limitations of creativity when I read the rules of Playstation Mobile Development Suite) which is also why some Japanese games aren't coming as well. Not to mention the low install base, which doesn't help things any. And the ones that aren't shying away from the console aren't really bringing anything new to the table either, with all their ports. Making alot of ppl poke fun at the PsVita, calling it the most PORTable device ever because majority of its library is ports of games of later years. As a person that would love to make games for PsVita, I wouldn't see myself going through the trouble of even trying to make games for it with those restrictions, let alone an established developer. And I can just imagine the restrictions and limitations on using the actual dev kit for making PsVita games. So I really dont blame them for not trying to make games for it.

I read a link saying that the PsVita doing as bad, as it is doing, is a part of Sony's plan. ... -the-plan/ I guess that makes sense since Sony is BARELY promoting or supporting the thing. If what is said in that link is true, that is just horrible. I dont know about anyone else but I don't buy something for what it can do a long time down the line. I buy something for what I can do with it currently AND in the future. If it is true, I think its just Sony doing what they always do and showing their arrogance. I find it hard to believe that they PURPOSELY told developers to make games that are littered with inconsistency (FPS was well as game stability). I also find it hard to believe they PURPOSELY made an OS that is littered with bugs that making purchasing digital games a headache most of the time, system crashes (random restarts, BLOD, screen freezing), touch screen instability, and a shotty wifi card. As well as a lack of most of the library of PsP games and the almost nonexistent remote play compatibility with Ps3 (which makes me not believe too much in the claim of the whole 100% remote play compatibility of Ps4 because they said similar regarding Ps3 remote play when they were debuting the PsVita).

Here's to hoping that the Ps4 (and hopefully Gaikai) will make the PsVita more appealing to customers/consumers, raising the install base and giving devs a reason to make games for the unit.
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Re: disappointment for the us psvita....

Post by nightly_dragon »

I completely understand where you all come from when we discuss disappointment for the Vita. It's such a shame when you're sold something that can do so much, only to be limited by what you can actually do with it.
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Re: disappointment for the us psvita....

Post by Darth Agnon »

A petition has been started, asking for patches for buggy PS Vita games: ... rted-games

Might help the system!

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Re: disappointment for the us psvita....

Post by SsJVasto »

danibluff wrote:i never played the indies, because im not a real gamer, just a casual one
To me, that's the #1 reason to get indies... A game where you can play for 15 minutes or 4 hours (like PixelJunk Shooter) is ideal for casual gamers, IMHO...
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