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lib to stream a video!!

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 6:59 am
by williamsebastian
Hi, i'm pretty a newbie on psp programming (but not in programming).

I have got a project to create a robot with a raspberry pi, and control it by the psp.
It's just the first step; After, i wana make a quadricopter. :twisted:

So, here i'm :
I've already make the robot, plus motors, plus picamera, plus a servomotor.
All of this work perfectly. 8-) removed by mod

I start from a old homebrew with the sources (psp wirless controler ). I change some lines to return keypad enter.
From raspi side, i rewrigth entirely the server script because i wanted specifics orders to control my robot.

So now, I wanna ad a video stream to see what is saw by my robot. I thinking about send video stream to the psp (it could be easy from raspi side), but i don't find how to get it on the psp side :geek:

I look for a lib, tuto or sources of an homebrew able to do this.
A lot of links for psp programming are dead know (R.I.P.).
In fact, i also want that my screen print an border at the bottom (20 px) with the robot status (battery level, record state, ...), and all the rest print the video.

THank you for your help.
PS : i don't know, but maybe there are more lib on vita now, not ? Or better internet on it ?
Do you think it could be easier to dev on vita, and easy to port my currently homebrew ?