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Memory Card Manager v1.4 and VMP export

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Memory Card Manager v1.4 and VMP export

Post by szczuru » Sat Sep 22, 2018 2:06 pm

(Theard reposted from psx-place)

In theory (?) Memory Card Manager v1.4 offers converting PSX memory card image i.e from raw dump (i.e *.mcr) to *.vmp used by POPS in PSP/PSVita.

The problem is... Something is not right with export option as format looks totally different. Below is comparison of two images, one the real VMP, the other "VMP" generated by MCM.


As You can see, both have completely different header. Besides magic number, in POPS VMP, there is this dang signing.

After all those years and no one know how to generate VMP image and PSV single save? Or maybe I don't understand/know something? For both task, Sony using static keys, maybe everyone afraid to use them in the app? :(

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