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integrating psp sdk into IDE, netbean

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:18 am
by pspGPGen
I have been struggling to make psp sdk to work flowlessly with IDE netbean. I do not want to go some linux command line, to write some gcc code to compile a simple hello world. I want to configure everything first, even if it would take some hours or even days. Then I just press a button and the solution will be compiled automatically. Even if things would work on other IDE, I don't care. It too will be ok with me. I just want to focus myself investing time on utilizing 3d rendering, rather than gcc learning. While doing directx stuff I don't have to write compile command to compile my solution. Why should I have to do this for psp? I install MS IDE, dx sdk and then it works. Can this not be done for psp too?

Now this is what my goal is:
A 3d rendering engine + some physics code + some scripting implementation. Basically while reading game engine books, I want to implement the knowledge on psp. I chose this platform as it is old and resource is kinda limited, so I can learn optimization on console. This is the sdk:

I might want some external library too if needed, in that case I will knock you guys :)
Please shed some light on it.

Re: integrating psp sdk into IDE, netbean

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:13 pm
by pspGPGen
No one?
Just tell me about make file, what to put in "LIBS"?

I will use psp sdl and pspgu. Is there any order to put in libs?

In short I am in abyss, in case of makefile. I am not familiar with this. Please shed some light or docs or books.