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MMORPG Trainer/DLL Injector Add fonctions /or Variable help?

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MMORPG Trainer/DLL Injector Add fonctions /or Variable help?

Post by Enrike » Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:10 pm

Hi, I play this Game Phantasy Star Online 2 AKA PSO2, I play legit since day 1 (2 years ago) on my main account but i have a second account for fun and mods..

There is a Tariner /+ DLL Injector made by Sziadan on [Removed by mod], but since a year ago the Trainer is private and only open to Beta Testors.

The thing is that Sziadan as another private trainer with a lot more stuff and probably mods $ and other thing for profit (Speculating), he does not share it (wich is understandable) but says that he and hes website is against breaking game stuff.. but i bet he does it but does not share again (Speculating)&(understandable), and does not help anyone to add or DIY.

But the thing is that the game is F****ing broken, the rare drop system/coding is broken... some people gets everything (EXP: Rarest weapon of the game twice while other barely gets anything good at all) and the fact that you are good or play 7x more then them does not change anything.

That brings me to the point, i have acces to the beta trainer (very limited) trainer. I would like to add functions but I'm not good at coding c++/DLL etc..
Can anyone help me ? I'm even willing to donate some $ trough paypal to get what i want to be done.

I will give a sample version of the trainer, since i can't give it because I'm in the beta test group, i will give an out dated version that does not work anymore as an example so you guys can check the codes.

Has i understand this is how it works, the game is Protected by Game Guards.
In order to bypass Game Guards we inject a DLL into the pso2.exe with the injector and it as functions and settings in it.
Sega as discovered that some people were messing with the game and they were using the game pointers, so now once in a while they change the pointers. This is why this version does not work, because it has the wrong game pointers. I have a version with the working pointers.

But this is the old version.
[Removed by mod]

I would like to know if its possible to add new functions /or variables /or new pointers to the DLL directly and how would i find them and how would i add them.
Again this is just for fun i do not intend to use anything I or You would find for profit or that is really game breaking and exploit it for $ (EXP: Dupe, Money Mod, Weapon Mod etc), but if you do i wouldn't stop you because this game is really F* badly coded (BROKEN).

Thanks if anyone could help me ?
PS: You can move the thread to the right forum section if i didn't post in the right one.

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Re: MMORPG Trainer/DLL Injector Add fonctions /or Variable h

Post by fate6 » Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:54 pm

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