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Re: Protecting C# code...

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:52 am
by Jd8531
Nickolas wrote:Here's the deal. I have been working on a "plugin" for a game engine called Unity3D. Unity executes any C# code located in a (let's say certain) code file in a (again I am too bored to explain, so certain) path. The MAIN file has to be a .cs to be executed (plain code) but I can use libraries and functions in them by calling them from the main file. I want to protect the rest files. What would you recommend? Creating DLLs with my code? Please note that the protection is against the "average coder" so there might be a possibility of RE if I use DLLs.
I'm very experienced with unity, but what is your plugin exactly?
also the guys over in the unity forums can basically answer anything you throw at them so you should try that :D