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[RELEASE] Atari800 4.2.0 (Atari 800/5200 emulator)

Running old school games on your PSP? It's definitely possible
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[RELEASE] Atari800 4.2.0 (Atari 800/5200 emulator)

Post by DelayedQuasar »

Hi all,
I updated Akop's Psp Atari800 emulator to new Atari800 4.2.0 emulator version with some other bug fixes. Please try it and report any bugs here.
Binary: ... YryqiJaI1F
Sources: ... iK87shN46s
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Re: [RELEASE] Atari800 4.2.0 (Atari 800/5200 emulator)

Post by moralek »

I love it,

I would only add multiple disks like the altirra

and improve the terrible sound of the demo "Atari Robot" ... mo_prg.xex
(in other emulators it works)

thank you for your excellent work...
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