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Re: Need a HTML 5 curse/manual/tuturial

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:19 pm
by svenn
WeThrowPSPs wrote:LOL, if you actually want to learn html, check out a program called Dreamweaver and the w3schools website (google it). Java is slow and unless you are designing a menu or something, it will come out better in PHP, plus PHP can do most of what java script can do plus more.
You cleary know what you are talking about. Java (compile language), javascript (client-side, parse language), PHP (server-side, parse language). Dreamweaver, a program that "generates" html.
wololo wrote: Here's an HTML5 curse:

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<html style="what the heck is a doctype?'>
  <body onlod=javascript;>
    <h1>Oh noes</h2>
        <form>Nested form of doom</form?


Hey Can I write something here?
How about here?
A webdeveloper just died. :D

As for courses you can check out currently there no web-dev courses, but there is a running python course. Depending on what you willing to do it might be interesting :) W3schools is mainly a reference, but its always a good startpoint ;)