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Good programming language for beginner.

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Good programming language for beginner.

Post by onnz423 »

Hello all. What's good programming language for beginner? I have done some HTML But its not actual Programming language.

Ps. please tell something like html.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by Xian Nox »

HTML is not a programming language, it is a markup language.
Go for C.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by Seife »

C would be fine as you can change to C++ later on (if nesscary) and the language itself is great and easy to learn.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by svenn »

It doesn't matter, programming is a way of thinking/reasoning and the real question is what are you trying to accomplish. For example; C/C++ is probably the most active and fastest language at this moment, that doesn't mean its the best language. (there are faster ones oid)

but c++ isn't made to build website or webgames, if you try to do some file handling, move/copy/read ... (intensive IO) you don't need C, any language will do, and while C is very handy, its a dang hard ***** to learn and to program in (debug).

I personally recommend :
- websites : PHP, JS (check out AJAX), MySQL
- small applications (make_a_backup_of_my_dir types) : Perl, Ruby, ...
- bleeding edge speed/big : C++/C, Java

Note that learning C++ takes allot of time ~weeks and after this period you will be able to make text games in a black box. In ~weeks of PHP scripting, you will have a pretty big website, including a login/message board ... I don't recommend C++ its to hard to learn and to little to get back from in a short amount of time. (basically spare-time programmers)
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by Spikky577 »

I have found personally, that learning a high level language first. Allows you to learn the basics around the concept of programming. So I'd recommend learning something like Python, or Game Maker Language.

Then you can move down to lower level programming as you begin to get familiar with the act of programming itself. So say you become proficient with making games using GML, you could then move down and take on C# using the XNA framework. As C# is not as lower level as C or C++, it is easier to pickup. Yet it is not as high level as Python or GML. As you have to code more yourself.

And that is how I have done things. At first I thought it would be a good idea to just 'jump in' and learn C++. Well, I was wrong. I got so far, however I hit a road block with Objects. So I took a break, made a few projects in GML, and then proceeded to learn C# using XNA. And now, I have a good understanding of how to use objects, and going back to the place where I got stuck in my book, I can now understand it.

However, you may find it different. There are many ways to learn. In the end, try everyone's suggestions and see what works best for you.

I wish you the best, and remember. Programming is fun.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by noctemowl »

Being a research programmer as my occupation, I'm introduced to a lot of languages and projects. It really depends on what your end goal is. As some have said, if you're shooting for a web-app, I'd recommend learning JavaScript (and jQuery is a great way to get started!). HTML5 standards (especially learning what the <canvas> can do) is also fun.

However, if you want to get into deeper programming, graphical user interface (GUI) standalone applications can be created with a variety of languages. The Microsoft .NET Framework would be a great place to start (Visual C# is one of my favorites) if you want a Windows-based application. For multiple-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), I'd look into Qt4 (Qt Creator). It's an adaptation of C++, but makes it easy to integrate a GUI for multiple platforms.

If you want to do more server-side programming/scripting, I'd look into Python. It's a great language that had LOADS of libraries you can import/download (extremely easy to do!). It even has a graphical library (wxPython) if interested.

For a complete website framework (backed up with a database), I'd recommend Django. It takes Python programming and gives you a really secure, fast running website that's easy to rapidly develop and debug. There's a bit of a learning curve, but totally worth it! Combined with a database (you can use sqlite, but I'd recommend PostgreSQL) and HTML5/JS, you could create some wicked-cool websites.

If you're looking for more of a mobile-device route, you can look into Objective-C, which is like C, only much easier with the iOS IDEs. However, it requires a Mac to develop on (at least, it requires you to download their IDE - which does come with an iPad/iPhone simulator to test your code on). But the downside is you can't publish your app without paying Apple a publisher's fee (and having your app reviewed before submitted to the App store).

So like I said earlier, it really depends on what your goal is. You need to take into account what kind of apps you want to develop, who your target audience is, and how much time are you willing to spend learning these different languages.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by suziejoebob »

If you are truly new to coding, then I would recommend Javascript, as that is now "the way to go", and the reserved words are fairly straightforward. Compared to C++, the reserved words are more "stupidproof" in the sense that they are words; ones that can be found in a dictionary and, if only part of a word, it is relatively easy to figure out the word/function it performs.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by m0skit0 »

Depends on what you want to focus on. To each problem its tool. Examples:
  • Console hacking/homebrews: Linux, C (and C building tools, e.g gcc, ld, gdb...), assembly, and something to make up scripts, like Perl, Python, Ruby...
  • Web development: HTML5/CSS3, WebGL, JavaScript, PH, Ruby on Rails, SQL...
  • Game development: OpenGL or a 3D engine (e.g. Unity), C++, Java (for mobile devices), C#...
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by preloader »

If you want to learn C derivatives like C#,C++ I recommend, you should start on C.
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Re: Good programming language for beginner.

Post by RiotDX »

For a beginner, I would not recommend C or Java. I think the best thing to start out with would be Visual Basic. It's easy to work with for a beginner, and you can make programs that look professional with minimal effort.

This coming from a professional programmer who has been messing around in different languages for about 10 years now.
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