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GamePad Digital GPD XD

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:46 am
by grandgroove
I have been toying with Android and emulators for many years. Usually, it's been a combination of smartphone/tablet and a controller. I really like the Moga Pro BT and the 8BitDo controllers. The last rig has been a rooted Note 4 and the Moga.

I kept an eye on the dedicated gaming systems over the years (Dingoo, the new GBA one, etc.). Remember the promise of the Pandora handheld? That kind of giddy, kid-like excitement is what I wanted. I loved these systems, but I really wanted a decent powerhouse that could be like ultimate childhood in a box. Something where I could keep track of the tons of games I'd like to try over the years without using different emulators across so many systems.

Enter GamePad Digital GPD XD. Here is a link to a great review: ... -xd-review

In a nutshell: Android (5" capactive touch - 1280x720), dual analog (sourced from manufacturers of the Vita units), four-button and shoulder buttons. Nearly perfect emulation including Dreamcast, System16, CPS3 and Nintendo DS.

It has the usual ports (microSD, HDMI, etc.). The HDMI does have some flickering issues, but support and firmware updates are steady.

The Android interface looks a bit like Microsoft's Metro UI. There are apps that, though are nice and clean, effectively straight-up download ROMs, etc. without regard.

However, it does come with Google Play. You do have the ability to flash firmware with just barebones Android and no GMS. Over at the Dingoo forums, there is a good support thread.

The device is clamshell, around the size of a Nintendo DS(XL?).

Cons? Out of the box, since there lies full-blown Android, I'd recommend getting proper emulators through Google Play or through developer sites (e.g. mupen64, etc.). The existing system for emus and games is not coherent. You're told to store ROMs in one folder structure, yet another app that emulates the same systems (but one more!) needs them somewhere else. Blech.

Media playback has been great. There is a preconfigured instance of Kodi included, though I think it's named something else. Works just fine if you like to rig up all the addons, etc.

I am rolling with Nova Launcher and Gamesome - an awesome emulator frontend that lays out your titles like the days of XBox Media Center. High-res box art and game information. Very handy. Pair that with your games of choice, and it's like that dream you had as a child where you entered an arcade, and all the games were set to Free Play.

All of this, and you can catch them for just under $150. It's really amazing.

Here is a link for the Dingoonity forum regarding real-world performance and updates. A balanced place to know the ups and downs: ... #msg129173


That's been my experience so far. Anyone else use this system? What do you think? How do you like it, and how do you take it? :)